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Looking forward to a great 2015 and sprinting out of the gate with some great gigs where I hope we can catch up and hang out a bit!  Among them, Arrivederci, Five O’ Three, Corkscew and Orenco Station seem to be in my regular rotation.  The venues are different, each requiring a somewhat altered approach and so it always thrilling to work with any number of my favorite musicians, each bringing their unique talents and vision to the gig.  Sometimes I feel like I am in total command and other times, hanging on for dear life!  Jazz does that to you.  Making great music with fabulous musicians is one of the things in life that makes getting up each day worthwhile. So, here are a few upcoming gigs that I am getting up for:
Thursday, 12/17/15 - Aurora Colony Vineyard 6:00-8:00
W/Ray Hardiman
21338 Oak Ln NE,
Aurora, OR 97002
(503) 675-4308
Wednesday, 12/13/15 - Corkscrew 7:30-10:00
W/Craig Snazzelle
1665 SE Bybee Blvd,
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 239-9463
Thursday, 12/10/15 - Five O' Three 6:30-9:30
W/Joe Millward
21900 Willamette DR. 
West Linn, OR. 97068
(503) 607-0960
Wednesday, 11/18/15 - Corkscrew 7:30-10:00
W/Craig Snazzelle
1665 SE Bybee Blvd,
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 239-9463
I am fortunate to have a fairly busy schedule with my great cover band, Pressure Point  We are playing events all over the Northwest at The Sentinel, Portland Art Museum, Convention Center, Reed College, Blackbutte, Suniver, The Woodmark and Faimont hotels and a bunch more great locations and venues throughout the year.  If you have an event that requires some great jazz as well as dance music ranging from big band to contemporary, Pressure Point is pretty hard to beat!
Here is a link to the band’s promotional video
I have noticed that house parties have become popular and wanted to mention that I could be available to perform at your next house party with any number of the A List musicians that I am privileged to perform with.
 Check out the video section on this page. A few independent film makers have chosen my music as the sound track for their short films. There is also a clip of pianist Joe Millward and I performing in the KMHD studio on Lynn Darroch's show "Bright Moments.                
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